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Board Projects

Areas Focus 2006/7

In January 2006 the ASFONA Board of Directors informed Starwood Senior Management of the areas they wished to focus on during the next two years. These areas are to be addressed at ALL ASFONA Board meetings/conference calls and also meetings with Starwood senior management throughout 2006 & 2007.

ASFONA - Areas of Focus - 2006/7

  • Continued use of property specific web sites 
  • GSO Fees and productivity
  • Development of highly productive Electronic Distribution Channels
  • Annual Marketing Plans
  • Introduction of cutting edge technology
  • Brand Standards ( Including Design ) 
  • Disclosure/Audit of Programs
  • Fees
  • Starwood Preferred Guest Program (Costs & Productivity)
  • Training initiatives


January 11th / 12th - 2005 - Miami - Florida
ASFONA Board Meeting:
PRIMARY FOCUS - To meet with Steve Heyer CEO and other Starwood senior management and to communicate to them the ASFONA Board of Directors "Areas of Focus" for 2005.

Starwood North America Advisory Board Meeting:
PRIMARY FOCUS - To meet with Steve Heyer, Starwood senior management, representatives of Hotel Management Companies and other invited Starwood property owners to provide ASFONA's input relating to the development of "New Brand Strategy"
January 21st - 2005
ASFONA Board Conference Call - All Members (One Hour)
PRIMARY FOCUS - To summarize developments at the Miami meeting and Prioritize goals (SPG - Fees - Brand Standards)

February 11th - 2005
ASFONA Board Conference Call - All Members (One Hour)
PRIMARY FOCUS - To secure updates on individual Board Members discussions with Starwood senior management re Areas of Focus goals.

February 17th - 2005
ASFONA Board Conference Call - All Members (One Hour)
PRIMARY FOCUS - To discuss and agree subject matter and strategy for the March meeting in New York with Starwood. 

March 10th - 2005
ASFONA Board Conference Call - All Members (One Hour)
PRIMARY FOCUS - To finalize the agenda items for the upcoming ASFONA Board of Directors meeting and further develop and agree the strategy for the meeting with Starwood management in New York.

March 22nd - 2005 - Manhattan - New York
ASFONA Board Meeting:
PRIMARY FOCUS - ASFONA board  member representation on each planned Starwood planning committee.
The Fee Matrix schedule and ownership input on Fee proposals to Starwood.
The proposal to Starwood to provide ASFONA with an insight to the SPG income and expenditure accounts.
Satisfactory conclusions were arrived at with all agenda items and proposals submitted to Starwood management.

April 13th - 2005
ASFONA Board Conference Call - All Members (One Hour)
PRIMARY FOCUS - Starwood Fees and the Fee Matrix.
Conference call joined by Starwood senior management to secure input from ASFONA board together with other owner representatives.

May 3rd - 2005
ASFONA Board Conference Call - All Members (One Hour)
PRIMARY FOCUS - Develop Strategy for upcoming meeting with Starwood re "Building World Class Brands"

June 1st - 2nd - 2005 - Atlanta - Georgia
ASFONA Board Meeting:
PRIMARY FOCUS - ASFONA board members representation and owners input to the Starwood North American Advisory Board Meeting. Specific reference to Brand building and marketing funds allocated to both the Sheraton and Four Points by Sheraton brands.
Brand advertising and brand positioning.
The SPG Program costs - Expenses.
The development of the Starwood "FEE" matrix

Starwood North American Advisory Board Meeting:
PRIMARY FOCUS - Secure information and provide input on the "Building World Class Brands" initiative introduced by the Starwood CEO.
Presentation by Steve Heyer and each Starwood Brand Champion SVP on the development of NEW Brand Strategy following the extensive research program recently carried out throughout North America.
ASFONA Board members were given the opportunity to provide ownership input for inclusion in Starwoods further deliberation.
THe issue of NEW BRAND XYZ was raised and discussed.

June 9th - 2005
ASFONA Board Conference Call - All Members (One Hour)
PRIMARY FOCUS - Review the Starwood letter of commitment to provide the ASFONA Board Members financial data relating to the SPG Program funding and expense allocations. The Michael Cohen settlement.

June 29th - 2005 - White Plains - New York
ASFONA Board delegation to Starwood Headquarters
Primary Focus - Provide ownership input to the Starwood brand management committee developing the Sheraton Brand Marketing Co-Op creative and funding initiative.

September 12th - 13th - 2005 - Toronto - Canada
ASFONA Board Meeting:

PRIMARY FOCUS - Treasurer report and Financial Analysis -
Membership updates and Solicitation/Communication Strategy - Board Member Rotation and replacement to Darryl Fluhart following his recent resignation from the ASFONA Board - Delegation to White Plains to review the financials relating to the SPG Program - The Starwood FEE MATRIX and ASFONA's input to Starwood relating to fees.
Communications to Starwood Senior Management were sent from the Board meeting concerning FEES and the proposed review of the Four Points by Sheraton Brand Identity initiative.
It was proposed and agreed that ASFONA should appoint a full time executive to manage the business of the Association as soon as possible.
It was agreed that ASFONA must introduce the new "Associate Membershp" category as soon as possible. This intent was first communicated to Starwoods senior management at the ASFONA - Starwood meeting in January 2005.


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