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A meeting of the ASFONA Board of Directors was held at the Sheraton Tarrytown on November 7th 2011. One Agenda item was to discuss and agree the 2012/13 "Areas of Focus" projects to be agreed with Starwood management at the Executive meeting later that day. The "Areas of Focus" Projects are as follows.

Board of Directors Meeting
Monday November 7th  - 2011
The Sheraton Hotel – Tarrytown – New York
In Attendance:

John Shingler  ( Chairman )  – Hung Luk – Paul Wischermann – Howard Zetley – Jay Mahan – Gerry Chase – Troy Pentecost – Greg Miller – John Belden – Mark Sharkey – Bob Morse – Federico Sanchez – Jim Dina
To Present & Discuss Area of Focus Meetings Summary 2011 / 2012 / 2013:
Strategic Intent of ASFONA / Starwood Focus Areas:
1/ To establish a dedicated process for ASFONA and Starwood
2/ To align, engage, and strengthen the ASFONA / Starwood relationship while sharing joint expertise, which will ultimately fuel success for all parties.”

1/Franchise Operations  &  Starwood “Strategic Franchise Initiative” Project:
ASFONA Team Members:
John Shingler, Jay Mahan, Paul Wischermann, John Belden
Starwood Lead Executives:
Lynne Dougherty, Mary Hynes-Talhouk, John McGovern, Richard Veilleux
Todd Petty, SVP, Finance & Strategic Initiative, Andrew Bodziak, Stephen Joe, Charles Macon
North America “Strategic Franchise Project” Initiative:
GOAL:-   To be “Best in Class Franchise Organization” for the Mutual Benefit of Owners & Starwood
Establishment of: -  Owners Interests / Starwood Interests / Economic Profitability
Phase One: Diagnostic / Phase Two: Design Solution & Blueprint / Phase Three: Implementation
Owner Engagement & Active Feedback During Process
Franchise Operations:
Philosophy of Strategy of Franchised & Managed Hotels
Franchise Operations Team Goals – 2012/13
ASFONA Involvement in Pilots
Advance Communications: – ISAC / Sales Kick Off Messages / Managed vs Franchised
Starwood Regional Management:
Support of the Franchise Community
Specific Goals of Regional VP’s and their Teams
Overall Measurement Criteria & Specific Goals – Rev Par / Starwood Fee Income
Focus For 2012:
Owner Feedback Platforms – Owners & Brand Advisory Boards
General Manager On-Boarding/Property Visit Templates
Key Brand Standard Implementation – 2012/13
Six Sigma & Kaizen
Continuous Improvement Methodologies
Leaner More Efficient Hotel Operations

2/Brand Management:
ASFONA Team Members:
John Shingler, John Belden, Paul Wischermann
Starwood Lead Executives:
Phil McAveety, Executive Vice President & Chief Brand Officer
David Marr, SVP Brand Management - North America
Brian McGuinness, SVP Specialty Select Brands
Agenda Items & Topics of Discussion:
Evaluation & Suitability of Brands:
The supply of Information Required by Franchisees / Investors / Owners
Total Return on Investment ( NOI vs Investment Cost )
Projected Long-Term Performance of Brands (Twenty Year License Agreements )
Flexibility of Brand Availability vs Competitive Brands
Current & Projected Guest Mix of Brands
Goal Setting / Measurement Criteria set By Starwood:
The Specific Target Goals Set & Measured by Starwood Brand Management
Establishment & Measurement of RevPar Targets by Brand
Establishment Typical Hotel Profiles of Brands
Growth Goals Set by Brands in North America
Brand Standards:
Global vs North America
The Establishment of Brand Standards
The Involvement of Franchisees & Owner Community
Owner Advisory Boards
Reporting Parameters ( Subjects / Frequency / Timing )
Marketing Initiatives  (Hotel Website Guest Comments Initiative)
SPG – Initiatives & Changes to Program
Brand Advisory Boards
Owner Meetings

3/Sales & Marketing  -  Revenue Management:
ASFONA Team Members:
John Shingler, Gerry Chase, Bob Morse, Greg Miller, John Belden,
Jay Mahan, Paul Wischermann
Starwood Lead Executives:
Tim Roby, Christie Hicks, Anupam Agarwal, Leslie Anderson
Primary Focus:-  Integrated Sales & Catering Program - ISAC:
Data Ownership:-
At Origination of Booking
At Hotels Exit from System
Data Sharing:-
With Starwood Sales Teams ( Global / Divisional )
Other Starwood Individual Hotels
Fairness of Lead Distribution
Information Confidentiality:-
Management Companies
Competing Brands
Projected Benefits of ISAC:-
By Market Segment
Large Hotels in Primary Markets vs Small Hotels in Secondary / Tertiary Markets
Benefits vs Costs Ratio Required for System / Division
Cost of ISAC:-
Full Service Hotels vs Select Service
Return on Investment Criteria and Cost Benefit Analysis per Hotel in North America
Sales Optimization – Cluster Sales:
Limited Buy-in from Franchise Community – Measurement of Results to Date
Revenue Management:
Rate Plan Audits / Rate Categories
TLP Optimization at Hotels
On Line Travel Agent Strategy

4/Business Systems Results:
ASFONA Team Members:
John Shingler, Paul Wischermann, Troy Pentecost, John Belden
Starwood Lead Executives:
John Peyton, SVP Operations – North America
Jennifer Bauchner, Director Rooms Operations & Sustainability
Primary Focus Areas:- 
The Business Environment:-
Forecast / Trends
Q 1 to 4  ( Including Data Compiled for Conclusions )
Operating Profit:-
Criteria for NOI / GOP Goal Setting & Management
By Brand / Hotel ( Target Margins / Productivity / Flow )
By Department – Rooms / Food & Beverage
Determination of:- Hotel Goals / Performance achievement (Internal & External Criteria )
Evaluation of:- Hotel Goals “Internal Criteria’ by Brand / Hotel
Measurement of:-  Hotel Goals “External Criteria”  -  Competitive Set / Other Brands
Operating Expenses:-
Operating Expense Ratio / Ranges Expectations ( Brand / Hotel / Segment )
Cost Savings Initiatives ( Brand / Hotel / Company )
Competitive Advantages:-
Performance attributes vs Competition
Utilization of Property ( Brand / Company Tools & Resources )
30/20 Initiative
The Energy & Water Assessment Third Party Property Audit 
Property Specific Environmental Action Plan
Sustainable Meetings Program
5/Information Technology:
ASFONA Team Members:
John Shingler, Troy Pentecost, Hung Luk  // John Belden – Galaxy LightSpeed
ASFONA Board of Directors – Galaxy LightSpeed & IT Strategy / Information Security
Starwood Lead Executives:
Todd Thompson, Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Dan Hogan, Vice President & General Manager – Galaxy Hotel Systems
Mark McBeth, Vice President – Information Technology – North America
Primary Focus Areas:-
High Speed Internet & Cell Phone Coverage / Efficiency in Hotels:-
Guests Complaints – Cost / Service
Competition Status & Projections ( Free to Guest / Select Service vs Full Service / Platinum )
Bandwidth Issues & Potential Solutions / Costs
Wired vs WiFi in Hotels – Security Issues
Tiered Pricing Initiatives -  Test Results
Potential LRA Audit of Hotel Efficiency and Standard of Service
Galaxy LightSpeed:-
Project Deliverables:
StarGuest & ISAC  Integration 
Rational & Dynamic Pricing Coding 
Accelerated LightSpeed:
Guest History to Guest Profile

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