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ASFONA Board Meeting "CLICK NEWS UPDATES" Above for News
November 03, 2010, WHITE PLAINS / NEW YORK

The ASFONA Board of Directors Executive Management Meeting with Starwood for the Fall of 2010 took place on November 3rd. The location was the Executive Board Room at the Starwood Corporate Office in White Plains New York.

                                     Board Meeting
                                November 3rd  - 2010
                                  3.00 PM  -  6.00 PM
                               Executive Board Room
                   Starwood Corporate Headquarters
                           White Plains - New York
In Attendance:

John Shingler - Chairman
Hung Luk - Paul Wischermann - Howard Zetley - Gerry Chase - Jay Mahan - Greg Miller - John Belden - Mark Sharkey
Bruce Kinseth – Paul Leier - Lou Karger - Bob Morse - Abe Moses - Troy Pentecost

Matt Avril - President Worldwide Hotel Group
Denise Coll - President North America
Lynne Dougherty - SVP Owner Relations & Franchise
Susan Sepehri - VP Owner Relations

                         AREAS OF FOCUS  2010 - 2011:-      
                         WITH STARWOOD EXECUTIVES

Each of the board member working groups reported to the rest of the ASFONA Board of Directors and Starwood Executive management on the subject matter discussions that had taken place during each of the “Area of Focus’ meetings with Starwood executives. The specific Areas of Focus are shown below together with the headings of the subject matter discussed. Those ASFONA members who wish to obtain more detail on the subject matter discussions should contact John Shingler directly at the ASFONA office.

                           Franchise Operations:
Meeting: Atlanta – Tuesday July 20th - 2010
ASFONA: - John Shingler – Paul Wischermann – Jay Mahan
Starwood:- Lynne Dougherty – Mary Hynes-Talhouk – John McGovern – Richard Veilleux
Subject Matter:
• Organizational Structure & Support
• Owner Communications
• Owner Relations
• Senior Management Access
• Compliance (GSI-QA)
                              Brand Management:
Meeting: White Plains - New York – Tuesday June 15th -  2010
ASFONA:- John Shingler – Paul Wischermann – John Belden
Starwood:- Denise Coll – Dave Marr – Brian McGuinness
Meeting: Atlanta – Starwood Office - Tuesday July 20th - 2010
ASFONA:- John Shingler – Paul Wischermann – John Belden
Starwood:- Phil McAveety – Dave Marr – Brian McGuinness
Subject Matter:
• Accountability – Measurement Criteria
• Brand Performance – Measurement against Comp Set
• Brand Cost – ROI to Investor vs. Comp Set
• Brand Media – Objectives / Expenses
• Brand Champion Identification
• Senior Management Access
• Field Marketing
• SPG - Program
              Sales & Marketing & Revenue Management:
Meeting: W Hotel – Union Square - New York - Thursday July 1st - 2010
ASFONA:- John Shingler – Gerry Chase – Bob Morse
Starwood:- Scott Hermes – Leslie Anderson
Subject Matter:
• GSO (Global & North America)
• Sales Optimization
• Revenue Management
                           Information Technology:
Meeting – White Plains - New York – Wednesday June 16th - 2010
ASFONA:- John Shingler – Hung Luk
Starwood:- Mark McBeth – Brennan Glldersleve – Gustav Burman
Subject Matter:
• Galaxy/LightSpeed – Performance
• Internet / Broadband
• Guest Room Technology Initiatives
• Technology Throughout the Hotel
                            Business Systems Review:
Meeting – White Plains - New York – Wednesday September 8th - 2010
ASFONA:- John Shingler – John Belden – Troy Pentecost
Starwood:- John Peyton
Subject Matter:
• Net Operating Profit
• Benchmarking
• Operating Expenses
• Competitive Advantages
• Sustainability
Meeting – White Plains - New York – Tuesday July 13th - 2010
ASFONA:- John Shingler
Starwood:- Todd Petty – John Chan – Susan Sepehri
Subject Matter:
• Procurement Initiatives Overall
• Energy
• Individual Market Purchases (Including Franchise Hotels)

From the above mentioned discussion points the ASFONA Board of Directors and Starwood Executive management will at the next meeting in January agree on the primary areas for continuation of the "Area of Focus" program between the two organizations.

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